Standing up for Canberra

Malcolm's mismanagement frustrates Canberra's NDIS rollout

Yesterday in Parliament I expressed my anger at reports that Canberrans who are eligible for the NDIS are being turned away.

Canberrans were told that everybody who were eligible for the NDIS would be included in the rollout. They were reassured the rollout would not be ‘first come, first served.’

They are now being told there’s a cap on places and those who came first will be served first too.

There is no cap on places. There was never a cap on places.

The ACT’s NDIS bilateral agreement estimated 5,075 participants.

Any cost beyond this figure was always to be covered by the Commonwealth Government.

The only reason Canberrans are being told there is a ‘capped’ number is because the Turnbull Government is refusing to meet its obligations beyond it.

The Turnbull Government’s mishandling of the NDIS rollout is shutting the door on some of Canberra’s most vulnerable people.

The Turnbull Government is ignoring its obligations and Canberrans are hurting as a result.

I am meeting with Minister Prentice today to express my deep concern at the Turnbull Government’s mishandling of the NDIS rollout in Canberra.