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Liberal's Paid Parental Scheme leaves public servants out in the cold

The Liberals are scrambling to rein in the costs of their paid parental leave scheme and as usual they are sharpening their knives to cut into the rights of public servants.

This morning’s AFR reports that members of the Coalition have a plan to shave down their $5 billion PPL scheme by excluding public servants at all levels of government.

The proposal, which has been put forward by several members of the Coalition party room, represents a desperate struggle to patch up the funding gaps in the PBO-costed $5 billion scheme.

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb have already floated a series of job cuts and forced relocations to thousands of public servants.

In a cynical attempt to reduce the costs of his scheme, Tony Abbott is prepared to leave the public service’s women behind just for some cheap point scoring about public servants. 

These are women who work extremely hard in delivering important services for our community.

Are these women not of sufficient calibre to benefit from Mr Abbott’s policy? 

Joe Hockey has spoken many times about ‘ending the age of entitlement’, and yet it seems that the Liberals’ PPL scheme will only benefit those who least need it.

Public servants, teachers, cleaners and nurses will all be left outside a scheme reserved for Tony Abbott’s women of calibre.