Labor welcomes (belated) naming of Dr Tobias Feakin as Cyber Ambassador

Labor welcomes the announcement of Dr Tobias Feakin as Australia’s first Ambassador for Cyber Security nearly seven months after the Turnbull Government first announced the position.

Dr Feakin is highly-regarded by his peers for his expertise on national security policy, cyber security, global counter-terrorism, resilience and critical infrastructure protection and he is congratulated for his appointment.

Labor hopes the appointment will allow a number of outstanding objectives of the Cyber Security Strategy to finally begin.

The appointment comes six months after the Turnbull Government allocated $2.7 million to fund the position in the 2016-17 Budget.

Malcolm Turnbull said the Cyber Ambassador would be “working with our international partners…to champion a secure, open and free internet”.

But he hadn’t sorted one out in time for the East Asian Forum.

He didn’t manage to find a Cyber Ambassador in time for the 2016 G20 Summit.

He couldn’t decide on a pick for the role in time for the Pacific Island Forum.

He ended up just sending himself to bilateral talks with US President Barack Obama, to discuss a shared approach to cyber security.

In that time, the Australian Cyber Security Centre warned that malicious non-state actors could develop the means for a serious cyber-attack on Australia within the life of this Parliament.

Labor hopes this appointment means the Turnbull Government is blowing the dust of its own Cyber Security Strategy and is finally beginning to implement its own recommendations.


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