Kidney Health Week 2011

This week marks Kidney Health Week, which is an incredibly important week in our diaries. Kidney Health Australia's campaign has been designed to be cheeky, they say, to get more exposure. The banner is 'Red Undies Week' and is aimed at drawing attention to the issue of chronic kidney disease. One in three Australians is at risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

Left undiagnosed, those who develop chronic kidney disease will either die prematurely or need a kidney transplant. Ultimately, patients will require long-term dialysis which involves significant commitment four to five times a week for about half a day each time.

My advice to members is to encourage their constituents to have a kidney function test, especially if they have any of the indicators. I congratulate the work of volunteers in Kidney Health Australia, especially David Parker, who chairs the National Consumer Council and is himself a kidney recipient. He is a great role model for encouraging our community to look after themselves and have their kidneys checked. I also thank Bill Handke, who is tireless in his advocacy for patients who have chronic kidney disease. He makes their world a better place.

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