Karralika Program 2011

I rise today to acknowledge the great work being done by the Karralika program in Tuggeranong in my electorate. The Karralika program helps people with alcohol and other drug dependencies through a therapeutic community approach to treatment.

The program is separated into two categories: one for adults and one for families. The adult program focuses on individual personal growth to help replace drug and alcohol addictions, and the family program offers treatment for the whole family, including the children of those battling addiction. These long-stay programs run in numerous stages and include assessment, induction, treatment, commitment and transition/after care. They run for nine to 12 months. To provide more options, Karralika recently launched a short-stay, eight-week program called Karuna, which helps people transition back to community or halfway houses.

There are many people who have worked towards the success of the Karralika program over many years, and I would like to thank them for their dedication and commitment to helping people and their families tackle the difficult programs associated with alcohol and drug addiction. I would particularly like to thank Camilla Rowland and her management team: Kim Fleming, Kerry Fitzroy, Dawn Bainbridge and Peter Townsend. I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution made by Phil Lawler over many years. The Karralika program does wonderful work for the Canberra community, and the team at that special site are Canberra legends for the assistance they provide to Canberra and the surrounding region in getting people back on their feet.

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