Standing up for Canberra

It's a Yes from Canberra

As an advocate for Marriage Equality, I’m delighted the ACT recorded the highest number of yes voters in Australia.

We know the ACT is an inclusive and progressive community and today’s vote of 74 percent in favour of Marriage Equality underscores this.

I’m also proud to represent an electorate that overwhelmingly supports Marriage Equality, where:

  • 74.1 percent said yes, and
  • 83.2 percent responded to the survey.

Today is a day of celebration for LGBTIQ Australians, and for all Australians who believe in fairness and equality.

I congratulate the LGBTIQ community and their families for their commitment and persistence over many years, and through the course of this survey, which has been challenging.

Together, millions of Australians have sent a powerful message to hundreds of thousands of their fellow Australians: you are loved and we are with you.

Labor stands ready to progress legislation through the Parliament as quickly as possible.

I look forward to celebrating today’s announcement with Canberrans at tonight’s Lonsdale Street Block Party for Marriage Equality.