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Is PFAS still in use at Defence Bases, Minister?

Minister for Defence – is Defence still using firefighting foam containing PFAS at RAAF Base Pearce, shared airports or any other Defence sites as suggested in reports yesterday?

This isn’t the first time Labor has asked the question about Defence’s continued use of the chemical.

In March, Labor urged the Minister for Defence to come clean on whether these chemicals were still in use.

There has been no response from the Minister, and the mystery PFAS taskforce remains silent.  

For more than 18 months, Labor has repeatedly called for the Turnbull Government to be more open and transparent in its management of PFAS at Defence bases.

These reports raise more questions about the Turnbull Government’s handling of PFAS contamination across Australia.

Minister for Defence – For the second time, is the Department of Defence still using firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals?


SATURDAY, 20 MAy 2017