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Is Defence Still Using PFAS or not Minister?

It’s been over a week since reports emerged that firefighting foam containing PFAS chemicals are still being used at shared airports in Darwin and Townsville. 

We’ve heard nothing from the Defence Minister, who has handballed responsibility for the whole of government response to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s PFAS Taskforce.

And we’ve heard nothing from this mystery PFAS Taskforce since it was set up earlier this year.

The Turnbull Government’s response to PFAS contamination is clearly an all promise and no action policy.

During a Senate Estimates Hearing in March, the Department of Defence promised to keep the community updated:

“We undertake to provide the community with all of the information that we create as and when it becomes available, and, as best as we can, to try and explain to the community what that might mean.”

It’s been almost three weeks since that hearing and Defence has already broken its promise.

The Minister needs to come clean and take responsibility for her portfolio.

It’s time to explain to PFAS affected communities whether Defence is still using firefighting foam containing trace particles of PFAS, and if so, why?