Standing up for Canberra

Indian Myna Action Group 2011

I rise today to acknowledge the excellent work being done by the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group to tackle the problem of the Indian myna bird in Canberra. The introduced Indian myna bird has now become a major pest and a threat to Australia's wildlife across the eastern states. It is a particular threat to hollow-nesting birds, such as parrots, and to endangered insects and small lizards. It is also disliked by many people because of its raucous calls, its fouling of backyard porches and its aggressive, in your face manner.

A local team of concerned Canberrans has pioneered a humane backyard trapping program. The group provides traps as well as a plan on the humane treatment of birds to interested members of the public. The program has been a great success. Over the last five years the Indian myna bird has been reduced from the third most common bird in Canberra to the 14th. At least 37,000 birds have been removed from the Canberra environment. This community action approach has also been adopted by other communities. Indeed, 26 other groups have now been formed, inspired by the Canberra group. I encourage members to contact the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group, which can be found online.

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