Standing up for Canberra

If you want to blame someone for Census fail, start at the top

There isn’t a scapegoat big enough or a bootcamp intensive enough to distract from the fact the responsibility for the 2016 Census debacle lies squarely with the Abbott-Turnbull Government.

As Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security Alastair MacGibbon’s review into the events surrounding the 2016 Census makes clear, the DDoS attacks that brought the Census to its knees were entirely predictable.

We have known the ABS was not fully secure to external threats since at least November 2013.

Since then, responsibility for the 2016 Census swapped hands between four different Coalition Government ministers.

The ABS had no Chief Statistician for most of 2014 because the Abbott Government refused to appoint one.

Australians rely on the Government to keep their personal, private data safe and secure.

But the Turnbull Government thinks all it needs to do to get government agencies and departments to take cyber security seriously is to issue reminders.

For 15 per cent of agencies, nobody is responsible for cyber security. It will take more than a bootcamp to protect our ICT systems.

The culture of data security starts from the top.

The Government was warned and it did nothing to prevent it.

If the Turnbull Government doesn’t take cyber security seriously it can hardly expect its departments to do so.