Hands Off Canberra Petition Goes Off



“What were they thinking?”

These were the more polite comments from Canberrans as they signed my #HandsOffCanberra petition at today’s mobile office at Woden Town Square.

The petition went off, with more than 50 people in as many minutes adding their names to the call for the Turnbull Government to abandon its ludicrous decentralisation plan.

The plan shows that the blatant and shameless pork barrel that is the proposed APVMA relocation is just the thin edge of the wedge.

It is either the beginning of one of the saddest chapters in Australian government history or a pathetic attempt to cloak the disaster of the proposed relocation in a broader policy.

The Turnbull Government is doing its level best to destroy the legacy of the founder of the modern Liberal Party, Sir Robert Menzies, with its sustained attack on our nation’s capital.

This move again underscores the Turnbull Government’s complete contempt and disdain for our nation’s capital.

To sign my petition please visit: http://www.gaibrodtmann.com.au/hands_off_canberra


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