Standing up for Canberra

Government ignores agency cyber security alarm bells

Today’s Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit Cybersecurity Compliance report highlights years of Turnbull Government negligence in government agency cyber security.

In 2014, not one of the seven government agencies investigated by the Australian National Audit Office complied with mandatory cyber security standards.

Three years later, only one was found to be ‘cyber resilient’.

Labor has consistently called on the Turnbull Government to ensure government agency compliance with mandated standards.

And the only response has been a letter to Cabinet Ministers asking them to tell their agency heads to take cyber security ‘very seriously’!

These are government agencies that collect and store the information of Australians, protect our borders and run our national security operations.

At a time when significant data breaches and cyber-attacks are an almost daily occurrence, the revelation our own government agencies are failing to meet mandated standards should be ringing alarm bells for the Turnbull Government.

Ignoring these warnings means the Turnbull Government is putting this data at risk, with potentially significant consequences for Australians. 

Labor implores the Turnbull Government accept all of the recommendations in today’s JCPAA Cybersecurity Compliance report - immediately.

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility and government agencies must be the standard from which others in the community measure themselves.

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security said, ‘In the world of cyber security, if you are standing still you are going backwards’.

This report shows the Turnbull Government has been standing still for too long.