Standing up for Canberra

Frocking it up for Frocktober

Gai Brodtmann, Member for Canberra and Kate Lundy, Senator for the ACT congratulated Frocktober Canberra 2010 for raising over $20,000 this month for ovarian cancer.


Ms Brodtmann and Ms Lundy are both Ambassadors for Frocktober. Ambassadors and participants were asked to ‘don-a-frock’ to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer research.

“Frocktober Canberra set out to raise $10,000 this month and have doubled that to $20,000,” said Ms Brodtmann.

Senator Kate Lundy said she became a Frocktober Ambassador because it was a creative way to raise money and awareness while having a great time.

“It’s an innovative, inclusive approach to raising awareness and I’m glad to be part of it,” said Senator Lundy.

In 2007, 848 women died from ovarian cancer in Australia. Over 700 women have died from ovarian cancer every year in Australia in the past decade. Between 2000 and 2006, women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer were only 40 percent as likely to live five years as other women in the general population.

Frocktober Canberra will hold a finale party this Sunday 31 October from 3:00pm at the Flint Dining Room and Bar, New Acton. Prizes will be awarded for the most fabulous frock. Tickets are available from  

As part of Frocktober, CityNews is also auctioning a teal Enchante frock worth $250. The highest bid will go to the Ovarian Cancer Foundation. This frock is versatile and flattering on many figures. It has been worn by ACT Senator Kate Lundy, ACT Deputy Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, Canberra Women's Chamber of Commerce President Laurie McDonald, Canberra WIN TV newsreader Danielle Post and Canberra Frocktober Chairwoman, Amy Moon. Bids for the frock can be made from 

Media Contacts

Annika Hutchins (Lundy) 0418 488 295
John Snobar (Brodtmann) 0435 059 099