Standing up for Canberra

Follow up: Drone Trial in Bonython

I understand the need for drones in crisis situations.

I understand the need for drones in emergency situations.

But like many Canberrans, I fail to understand the need for drones to deliver burritos!

Since speaking about the Project Wing drone delivery trial yesterday, I’ve heard from many more Canberrans who are concerned about this project.

This from Martin, a resident of Bonython for 28 years: 
I am an artist who works from home. My wife, and I were never approached about this trial and I feel that any due diligence, by this company, has been shallow at best. Privacy is an issue, but the noise is by far the most annoying and disturbing outcome for me to date.

This from Colin:
I have no objection to the use of drones for legitimate emergency or essential services activity… But I am opposed to this trial.”

Bob is worried about the declining number of birds in his area and his right to privacy.

Trevor lives in a neighbouring suburb and is worried the trial will expand to his neighbourhood.

If you have not heard the sound these drones make, I encourage you to head to my Facebook page.

It’s annoying and it’s loud and it’s at 8.10 am on a Sunday!

My community is rightfully concerned.

My community is rightfully annoyed.

Canberrans – send me thoughts about the Project Wing.