Standing up for Canberra

Foam contaminant anxiety grows after another week of Turnbull Government silence

It has now been more than a week since the Department of Defence released preliminary sampling results confirming the presence of firefighting foam contaminants at 12 Defence sites around the country.

None of the Turnbull Government’s three Defence Ministers have managed to utter even a word of reassurance to residents.

The Turnbull Government’s silence is creating anxiety, fear and uncertainty right around the country.

Saying nothing and doing nothing achieves nothing.

The Turnbull Government must stop sitting on its hands.

Defence Minister Payne must detail what exactly the Turnbull Government is doing to address this contamination.

Defence has advised that further testing is necessary but does not have sufficient resources to begin until some point in 2017.

The Turnbull Government must accelerate this process and put to rest the concerns of communities following the results of this report.

The Turnbull Government can show that it is prioritising the interests of these communities by intervening.

Anything less would be a failure of will.

The sooner the Turnbull Government acts, the sooner communities will know the extent of the contamination.

The anxieties of residents should not be left to stretch over Christmas.

It must be dealt with now.