Standing up for Canberra

Finally, the Turnbull Government enlightens PFAS communities

Labor has repeatedly called for the Turnbull Government to release the preliminary sampling report on the impact of perfluorinated chemical contaminants on 12 Defence sites. 

And FINALLY, we understand, the Government will release it today at 3.00pm.

The sampling program finished four months ago, but the report was only released to state and territory government agencies and local councils. Meanwhile, the communities living around these sites have been kept in the dark.

The Turnbull Government has failed to display any leadership over the emerging issue of PFAS contamination and as a result communities around the country have been left to wait and fear the worst.

Communities have real concerns over their homes, their businesses and their health, and the Turnbull Government has done nothing to address them.

The information gap has left communities without certainty and caused stress and anxiety. 

Labor will closely review the report and continue to hold the Turnbull Government to account in its management of the PFAS issue and its consultation and communication with communities.