Emelia's NDIS experience

Emelia is seven years old. Emelia suffers from brittle bone syndrome. Emelia has been waiting for the NDIA to approve modifications to her family's home so that she can have some independence and be a regular kid.

These are modifications like making the front door wheelchair friendly, permanent ramps and changes to the bathroom so that she can use the shower. According to the NDIA, Emelia's family needs two quotes for these modifications, and there are only two building companies authorised by the NDIA in Canberra that can do those quotes and complete the modifications. Emelia's family got the first quote in August last year and the second quote, from the second company, four months later. The application and two quotes were submitted in December last year. Yesterday, the NDIA advised Emelia's family that their application was declined for those modifications because her broken leg was an acute symptom and that it was ACT Health that was responsible for her care. ACT Health has disagreed. I remind all those listening that Emelia has brittle bone syndrome, and broken bones are, unfortunately, part of her life. Her mother is going to continue to fight this fight, and I am doing everything I can to assist her in fighting this fight— (Time expired)

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