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Drone Delivery Trial in Bonython

For the past month I have been inundated with concerns from people living in the suburb of Bonython, which is in my electorate, about a drone delivery service trial called Project Wing.

Normally there are standards and regulations for drones: where and how they fly in a suburban area, proximity to people and the need for the drone to always be in sight of the operator, not flown remotely by a computer and a camera.

Project-Wing was given the all-clear from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Project-Wing has been excluded from all standard drone regulations to trial of delivering food – burritos – and small goods of up to 2 kilograms, up to 10 kilometres away.

In April this year, a representative from Project-Wing met with the Tuggeranong Community Council and listened to people’s concerns. This is before the trial had even started.

Now here we are in September and the trial has been going on for months – and I’ve got to report residents are not impressed.

They’re concerned about the loud buzzing noise flying over their homes several times a day.

They’re concerned about their privacy. Cameras are fitted on the drones and the footage recorded is kept off-shore for up to 30 days.

They’re concerned by the reduced number of birds in their backyards in what is usually a peaceful area.

They’re concerned the number of drones will only increase as the project has no predicted end date.

Canberrans – get in touch with me. Share your thoughts on the drones.