Standing up for Canberra

Don't accept a second rate NBN Canberra

Canberrans, what if I told you the current rollout plan for fibre to the node in Canberra would perpetuate the digital divide across the ACT and that the rollout of fibre to the node would reinforce a digital underclass in the ACT? 

Many areas of south-east Tuggeranong are on ADSL and, with fibre to the node, will continue to be left behind. And what do we hear from the Turnbull government? That the NBN will fix it. Right now, there is no recognised upgrade path for fibre-to-the-node technology.

Canberrans, what I'm saying today is that you don't have to settle for a second-rate NBN. Bellingen Shire Council has worked together with NBN Co to prevent the rollout of fibre to the node across the shire in New South Wales. This agreement will see fibre to the curb as the minimum technology standard deployed. This is what Canberra needs. This is what Canberra deserves. If fibre to the curb can be rolled out in some streets to some homes and businesses, it can be rolled out to each and every home and business in Canberra. NBN Co, you're on notice. I will seek a meeting with you in this sitting period to discuss Canberra's digital infrastructure, our digital divide and the way forward for my electorate. I will not allow Canberra to be left behind. I will not allow Canberrans to have their educational opportunities, their commercial opportunities and their democratic opportunities impeded by a second-rate NBN.