Domestic Animal Services Volunteers 2011

I rise today to acknowledge the great contribution that the Domestic Animal Services team make to the Canberra community. The team is devoted to providing the people of Canberra and their pets with a range of animal control services. They also provide a safe and sociable environment that they can share. The team actively works with the RSPCA to ensure that the animals receive the best care possible. They also offer a range of services to the Canberra community by assisting in the registration of dogs and the issuing of licences. Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the many lost or unwanted dogs in Canberra go to new homes or are reunited with their families. This can often mean working with regional and interstate rescue groups to find suitable homes.

I recently visited the facilities at Mugga Lane in Symonston, where I met with dedicated staff and volunteers. There are many volunteers who walk these dogs each day and take time out of their very precious days to do this, and I commend their efforts. During that meeting we discussed a variety of issues and the many results from their exuberant fundraising efforts. I saw firsthand some of the important work that the team is doing there.

The facilities play a vital and often an invisible role in the Canberra community. To all Canberrans, if you love dogs, have a bit of spare time, want to get fit and want to do so by walking lovely critters, then I encourage you to sign up for the Domestic Animal Services.

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