Standing up for Canberra

Dig Deep For Legacy Week

Legacy began as a promise by World War 1 Diggers to their mates who had fallen in battle to “look after the missus and the kids”.

Ninety years on that promise continues.

Funds raised this week will help about 70,000 widows and children across Australia.

This includes the family of Canberra’s Junior Legatee Mark MacInnes who shared the powerful and personal impact Legacy has played in his life at this year’s launch of Legacy Week.

“Legacy caught me mid-fall,” MacInnes said.

That’s why it's important Canberra continues to support Legacy Week, which has been a part of fundraising for veterans and their families since 1942.

Merchandise, including badges, wristbands and the very popular Legacy bears will be available across Canberra. Tap to donate machines are also available in shopping centres.

When you see a badge seller this Legacy Week, dig deep to help veterans and their families by buying a badge and wearing it with pride.

And honour the Legacy promise.