Standing up for Canberra

Department of Defence 'under siege' by Turnbull Government

A Senate Committee has heard the Turnbull Government is willing to strong arm its own employees at the Department of Defence into signing the Defence Enterprise Collective Agreement (DECA). 

Employees at the Department of Defence report feeling like the DECA negotiations have left them ‘under siege’ in their own workplace.

After three years of stalled and unfair negotiations the Turnbull Government is willing to do just about anything to pass their bargaining policies.

This is the latest fallout of the DECA, after the last round of bargaining saw the Fair Work Commission hold the department accountable for misleading information during negotiations.

It is no wonder the Turnbull Government faces such hostility when it comes to enterprise bargaining.

At some point, Michaelia Cash and Malcolm Turnbull are going to have to face facts: their hard-line enterprise bargaining policy is broken.

It’s no surprise APS staff morale would be at rock-bottom levels in Canberra and around the country when public servants are getting on with the job while the Government lays siege to their workplace rights and conditions.

If the Turnbull Government was serious about negotiations they would come to the table with a fair offer.