Standing up for Canberra

Defence staff reject Turnbull's unfair bargaining offer

Public servants at the Department of Defence have, for a second time, voted down the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s proposed enterprise agreement, with 54.86 per cent rejecting the offer.

This is a significant stance taken by Defence APS employees against the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s mess of a bargaining policy.

This rejection is yet another acknowledgement that the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s workplace bargaining policy is in tatters – it is unfair, unworkable, and ideological – and it should be abandoned immediately.

The percentage of people voting down the agreement has actually increased from the last defeated ballot.

The rejection of the enterprise agreement follows concerning reports that Department of Defence APS employees were misled about the contents of the proposed agreement.

The Department of Defence is home to highly skilled, highly qualified public servants, many of whom are former ADF members.

In contrast to the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s chaotic and unfair approach to enterprise bargaining, a Shorten Labor Government will quickly, fairly and equitably fix the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s mess.

Labor values the expertise and experience of our public servants, both in the Department of Defence and across the APS.

Labor will have an approach to enterprise bargaining that actually improves the capability of staff and provides fairness in the workplace, work-life balance and secure, meaningful jobs. An approach that does not force agencies to strip rights and conditions.

Labor will ensure our hardworking public service delivers better services and policy capability for our community.