Defence staff reject Turnbull's unfair bargaining offer

Now that nearly 60 per cent of Defence staff have delivered their third stinging rejection of the Turnbull Government’s proposed enterprise agreement, it’s time for the Government to realise its bargaining policy is unfair and unworkable.

The way the Government treats its own staff is beyond a joke. Rejection after rejection staff have made it crystal clear that the bargaining policy is unfair and unworkable but the Turnbull Government will not budge from its ideological bent.

The fact the percentage of people voting down the agreement actually increased by 4 per cent from the last defeated ballot is a damning indictment and stunning repudiation of the Turnbull Government.

Enough is enough. The Turnbull Government must listen to its critics and find a compromise that lets staff get on with the job and resolve these matters.

The vast majority of Australia’s public service hasn’t had a pay rise for more than 3 years while at the same time Ministers have had a wage increase and the cost of living pressures are piling up under the Liberal Government’s economic mismanagement.

The Government is using workers’ pay and conditions as collateral because of its failure to manage the nation’s finances.  

Under Mr Turnbull’s cruel and aggressive anti-worker industrial agenda thousands of workers have already lost important workplace rights and many thousands more are facing cuts to vital conditions, such as family friendly provisions and domestic violence leave.

The rejection of the enterprise agreement follows concerning reports that Department of Defence APS employees were misled about the contents of the proposed agreement.

The Department of Defence is home to highly skilled, highly qualified public servants, many of whom are former ADF members.

Labor values the expertise and experience of our public servants, both in the Department of Defence and across the APS.


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