Standing up for Canberra

Defence Minister admits ADF pay deal undervalues personnel

The Defence Minister David Johnston has today admitted that the Abbott Government’s unfair pay deal for Australian Defence Force members undervalues our ADF personnel.

In the Senate, Minister Johnston said: “The new Australian Defence Force pay arrangement in no way reflects the value that the Government places on ADF personnel”.
“If the Abbott Government truly valued the contribution of our service men and women, then it would pay them properly – it has until 1 December to ask the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal to reconsider its insulting offer.
“It is inexplicable that the Government can send our service men and women into harm’s way, and at the same time force the ADF to take a real pay cut.
“Not only have ADF personnel taken a pay cut, they are losing out on their precious compensatory Christmas and Recreation leave.
“Our service men and women shouldn’t have to fight the Government for decent pay and conditions.
“Under the previous agreement negotiated by Labor, ADF wages increased by an average of 3 percent every year.
“The Prime Minister must reconsider this pay offer immediately.”