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Defence Civilian workforce takes another hit

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Gai Brodtmann is extremely concerned about a further 1,150 job cuts to Defence’s civilian workforce as outlined in this year’s Budget.

This represents a huge loss of skills and talent and comes on top of the 2,400 Defence civilians jobs axed since the Abbott Government came to office.

These civilian job cuts come despite the Government’s own First Principles Review calling for them to stop.

“We recommend that the focus on public service reductions as the primary efficiency mechanism for Defence cease”

First Principles Review – 1 April 2015

Civilian defence personnel are vital to the overall success of our military operations and capability as Defence Secretary Dennis Richardson has said.

“There is a bit of a tendency for some to see Defence civilians as constituting something called a ‘back-end’ supporting the ADF ‘front-end’…We have an integrated work force where many civilians report to uniformed personnel and many of the latter report to the former.”

Defence Secretary Dennis Richardson, Speech to ASPI Dinner – 12 November 2013

Many of these personnel are ex-ADF or the spouses of ADF members. Their retention brings vital experience and skills to our national security capability and the support of the ADF and their families. It’s time for the Abbott Government to show some respect to our Defence workforce and abandon its plans to slash jobs and hard fought for conditions.