Standing up for Canberra

Dear Malcolm - stop the APVMA relocation

I have written to the Prime Minister demanding he reverse the APVMA’s order to relocate.

Friday’s release of the Government-commissioned cost-benefit analysis into the relocation proposal should have been the final nail in the coffin of this ill-conceived idea.

Instead, after months of delay, we get the cost-benefit analysis the same day we get the order to relocate.

It’s clear why this Government would want to bury the review into the move.

The cost-benefit analysis shows beyond a doubt that the APVMA relocation is unjustifiable.

The review could not be more damning. There is no way the Prime Minister could have read it and decided go ahead anyway.

The relocation costs more than just the credibility of the Government’s commitment to “evidence-based policy”.

The relocation will cost the 175 APVMA staff who must now decide whether to leave their job or leave their city.

It will cost the Australian taxpayer $25 million and the Canberra economy $157 million a year.

Confirming the APVMA’s relocation will confirm the Prime Minister’s utter lack of respect for the taxpayer.

Because by his own evidence, this move is all cost and no benefit.