Standing up for Canberra

Dale's NBN Experience

A member of my community who lives less than 20 kilometres from where I am standing here right now contacted me about the diabolical speeds he currently receives on ADSL2+. We're not even talking about the NBN here; we're talking about the retrograde copper based service currently existing in my community. 

In Banks, Dale can't even get a download speed of one megabyte per second on ADSL2+. That's not the only issue. After years of countless issues with his internet service provider, poor old Dale has had his internet speed slowed down even more just so it maintains a stable connection.

Dale has been waiting for the NBN to come and solve all of his problems. He was supposed to get it in early 2017, and then it was delayed until late 2017. At the last check, his street may not be connected until December 2018. I wouldn't be putting money on that, Dale, because I have a horrible hunch it's going to be delayed even further under this government. Even then, Dale doesn't know what technology he'll receive.

Every day I'm contacted by members of my community expressing their disappointment in the dismal rollout of the NBN. Every day someone living in the nation's capital sends me their appalling download speeds. Canberrans are fed up.