Standing up for Canberra

D is for Defence, F is for Fail

Malcolm Turnbull set the test for himself and failed, miserably.  Not even Liberal Party supporters can name a single achievement of the Turnbull Government.

It is one year since Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister and Defence is still plagued by indecision, inaction and his Government’s lack of direction.

The following list is just a sample of Malcolm Turnbull’s failures when it comes to Defence:

  • Failure to invest in Australian Defence Industry Jobs, resulting the in the loss of over 1,500 jobs at shipyards across Australia.

  • Failure to provide Australian companies with the opportunity to compete for the contract to build the Navy’s Supply Ships by conducting a limited tender process with two overseas companies.

  • Failure to deliver the enterprise-level Naval Shipbuilding Plan his Government promised would be released with the Defence White Paper.

  • Failure to appoint a Cyber Ambassador.

  • Failure to conclude negotiations with the public service staff of the Department of Defence for fair pay and conditions.

  • Failure to commit to the public release of the Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force’s report into allegations surrounding use of anti-malarial drug mefloquine.

  • Failure to give certainty to the communities affected by exposure to toxic firefighting chemical contaminants.

In setting the bar for themselves, the ADF strives for perfection.  A Prime Minister that believes in ‘so far, so good’ operates on a very different level.