Standing up for Canberra

Australia slides down Global Cybersecurity Index

As the Prime Minister talks up global co-operation on security operations with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Australia slumps on the United Nations International Telecommunication Union's Global Cyber Security Index

Australia's score of just 0.44 in co-operation saw us drop from fourth to seventh position, behind Oman and Malaysia.

The co-operation score falls well behind the best performing countries in our region, with Singapore and Malaysia achieving a score of 0.87 for the same category.  

The slide is a direct result of the Turnbull Government’s failure to effectively implement its own Cyber Security Strategy and engage with international partners. This is not helped by the absence of any meaningful deadlines or outcomes to measure whether the strategy is being achieved.   

Despite making a commitment to work "with our international partners…to champion a secure, open and free internet”, the Prime Minister dragged his feet on the appointment of a Cyber Ambassador, taking six months after the release of his Cyber Security Strategy. 

The long awaited International Cyber Engagement Strategy has only just completed the submission phase.

Amidst the recent cyber-attacks against government departments and the private sector both domestically and internationally, our global engagement on cyber security is more important than ever.  

The Turnbull Government needs to get its act together on international cyber security engagement, so Australia doesn't further slide down the co-operation scale.