Standing up for Canberra

Cyber report shows time for 'priority action' is now

The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Threat Report 2016 is a wake-up call to the Turnbull Government to actually act on the “priority actions” outlined in April’s Cyber Security Strategy.

The report suggests that terrorists and malicious non-state actors could develop an offensive cyber capacity within the life of this Parliament.

Timing is critical and delay is unacceptable.

The report also notes the lack of international consensus on what constitutes a “proportionate” response to offensive cyber activity.

So long as we are not clear on the threshold for response, we face a serious risk of miscalculation.

Australia needs to engage with the international community to set and sustain appropriate thresholds. This is what our Cyber Ambassador should be doing.

Yet it has been six months since the Turnbull Government announced it would appoint a Cyber Ambassador and the position remains unfilled. When will Australia’s Cyber Ambassador be announced?

It is not enough for the Turnbull Government to release a Cyber Security Strategy. It must start implementing it.

  • When will the ACSC be relocated?

  • When will the ACSC’s regional hubs be established?

  • What is the Government doing to improve private sector reporting rates of ransomware attacks?

Labor has always sought a bipartisan approach on issues of national security – when it comes to keeping Australians safe, we’re all on the same team.

We will seek a briefing from the Government on the report and assist however we can to ensure Australian critical infrastructure, agencies, businesses and individuals are kept safe and secure.

We will also be seeking answers to the range of questions arising from the report.