Standing up for Canberra

Citizenship decision a win for Canberra's multicultural community

The Senate’s decision to throw out the Turnbull Government’s changes to Australia’s citizenship laws ends months of Turnbull Government attacks on Australia as a modern multicultural nation.

The Senate said no to the university level English test.

It said no to the three year additional wait that was going to cause some people to wait more than ten years before they got to become Australian citizens.

This campaign victory is thanks to the extraordinary activism of Canberra’s multicultural community.

At Canberra Multicultural Community Forum seminars and a citizenship briefing I hosted with the Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Australia, Tony Burke, the question from Canberra’s multicultural community was the same.

Why the need for these changes?

The government has not clearly articulated the reason why we need to change this legislation.

But it looks like they may have another go at this and try again.

There are reports the Immigration Minister has already made changes to the original legislation, in order to get enough support to make the citizenship changes a reality.

So, if you are eligible for Australian citizenship under current law don’t waste time.

Get your application in before the Turnbull Government tries to do this again.