Standing up for Canberra

The Chronicle: Christmas Message 2013

In our Centenary Year, we’ve truly seen Canberra at its best. The Centenary has enabled Canberrans to celebrate what they love about this city. I hope it has also enabled Australians outside Canberra to think of their National Capital in a new light - to think of Canberra not just as the home of Parliament, but as a thriving, diverse and special place.

Thank you Canberra for so enthusiastically embracing our Centenary, it’s been wonderful to celebrate with you.

Like many of you, I’ll be spending my break at the South Coast. I know many Canberrans travel at this time of year, so please take care on the roads and remember to stop, revive, survive.

This can also be a difficult time of year for those who are alone or facing financial hardship. Canberrans are incredibly generous, so I know they will reach out to those who are alone this Christmas, and give generously to the wonderful Canberra charities who look after the less fortunate in our community.

I wish all of you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. I look forward to continuing to work and advocate for you in 2014.