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The Chronicle: Keeping Safe Online

The internet has transformed our lives.

We can now pay bills, book holidays, shop for groceries and stay up to date with family and friends, all from the convenience of our own home at any time of the night or day.

But if we’re not careful we can also fall prey to scammers, phishing exercises and cyber crime.  

Fortunately protecting yourself online, whether you're a business or an individual, doesn't need to be complicated and that’s the message for this year’s Stay Smart Online Week  – “Simple steps to online safety”.

From 9-13 October, the Stay Smart Online Facebook page and alert service will provide information on what you can do to stay safe, including:

  • Using unique passwords for online accounts, and making them complex by featuring numbers and special characters.
  • Avoiding opening messages if you don't know the sender, and always checking for suspicious email addresses.
  • Remembering to back up data stored on a personal computer, mobile phone or tablet. The more often you back up your important files, the better.
  • Signing up to the Stay Smart Online free alert service to keep up to date with the latest online threats.


Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility, so Stay Smart Online at