Standing up for Canberra

The Chronicle: Fearless Comedy Gala

I first met Juliet Moody, the Canberra woman who makes up one-half of the mega-successful comedy folk duo Sparrowfolk, a few years ago.

Her energy, ambition and enthusiasm shone through immediately.

So when I learned she was the force behind the recent Fearless Comedy Gala, I wasn’t surprised.

Organising Canberra’s first ever fundraising comedy gala is no mean feat.

It involves booking a venue, talent, flights and accommodation, as well as marketing for the event when everything else is finally lined up - all the time holding down a job and bringing up four children.

It’s a lot of to get the project off the ground. But for Juliet, it’s personal.

It was a decade ago that Juliet fled a violent relationship.

It was through the transformative power of love and comedy that she was able to rebuild and rediscover a life free from fear.

Part of the reason Juliet’s work is so vitally important is because her experience is so tragically commonplace.

On the average day in Canberra, eight family violence incidents will be reported to police.

Fifty-five will be reported every week.

Then there are the acts that go unreported.

Altogether, there are far too many families living under the shadow of domestic violence – and all the effects that go along with it.

The Fearless Comedy Gala ended up raising tens of thousands of dollars for the Domestic Violence Crisis Service.

Those dollars will go a long way in advancing a vital cause. The Domestic Violence Crisis Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing practical support and advice for families fleeing dangerous or even life-threatening situations in the ACT.

If you didn’t know Juliet, you’d think her plan to make the Fearless Comedy Gala an annual event would be pie in the sky.

But I know Juliet. And I’ve got no doubt I'll be helping her to promote it next year. Because she is now fearless.

If you're concerned about someone's behavior contact the Domestic Violence Crisis Service on 6280 0900.