Standing up for Canberra

The Chronicle: Digital Radio is coming

Congratulations Canberra – we were one of the first cities in Australia to successfully switch to digital television, and we did so without a hitch! And now begins the rollout of digital radio – only this time there won’t be a switchover. Digital radio will operate in conjunction with analogue radio rather than replace it.

At the moment, Canberra is part of a trial of regional licenses for digital radio, which began in 2010. In recent months, I’ve received a number of letters and emails from Canberrans who think digital radio should be made permanent, and I agree. Digital radio has already been rolled out permanently in every capital city except Canberra and Darwin. As the nation’s capital, we deserve this service as much as any other city.

I’m taking up the campaign to make digital radio permanent in Canberra, and I look forward to keeping you updated on progress.

I’ve written in The Chronicle before about the Black Spot at the Eggleston Crescent and Melrose Drive intersection in Chifley. After much discussion about the proposed treatment for this dangerous intersection, I’m pleased that the ACT Government will fund the installation of traffic lights in early 2014. I’m meeting with the ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services this week, and will ask that ACT Roads conducts a rigorous community consultation process before the lights get the final go ahead.

While on the subject of roads in Chifley, I’m also seriously concerned about the intersection of Eggleston Crescent and Hindmarsh Drive. Anyone who has tried to cross the three lanes of oncoming traffic to turn right from this intersection knows it is incredibly challenging, so I’m nominating it for funding under the Black Spot program.

I encourage you to show your support for the nomination by emailing with ‘I support the Hindmarsh Drive Black Spot’ as the subject. I look forward to hearing from you.