Standing up for Canberra

The Chronicle: Sharing the Dignity

It’s in our fabric as Canberrans to wait patiently until Anzac Day to turn on our heaters.

Throughout April we shiver, waiting to fill our homes with warmth, change over to the winter-weight doona and pull out the puffy coats from the mothballs.

As you curl up in bed and turn your electric blankets to high, please think of those sleeping rough in the nation’s capital this winter.

On any given night, 1800 Canberrans are facing homelessness.

Canberra has the second highest rate of homelessness in Australia as a percentage of the national population. Over a quarter of the homeless cite family violence as the reason.

Last month, my Tuggeranong office was the collection point for #DignityDrive.

It's a campaign that donates sanitary items to women who are the victims of domestic violence and are now homeless.

When women are doing it tough, once a month they often have to make the choice between buying food or sanitary items.

Thanks to the generous donations of many Canberrans, now 140 women don't have to make that choice.

Particular thanks to Canberra author Wayne Herbert who used $300 from the sale of his book ‘Anecdotes of a Disabled Gay’ to buy five large containers filled with sanitary items.

Thank you Canberra for sharing the dignity.

Your support will help women fleeing domestic violence live the dignified life they deserve.