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The Chronicle: Financial Literacy

Not long ago my father in law lost his wonderful wife, my husband’s mother, to illness. It was a very difficult time, which I’m sure you can appreciate after many years together.

It was during this time of mourning that my father in law was the target of a scammer when he unwittingly handed over bank account details to someone because he thought it was part of the process. Needless to say he lost quite a bit of money.

Unfortunately the number of scams out there continues to grow, which is why I organised my first financial literacy seminar in Tuggeranong last week to help raise awareness in the local community about these scams and what we should all look out for.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Bernie Ripoll came along to share some tips and advice about the myriad of schemes out there, many of which are becoming more and more sophisticated. Even financial advisors with 30 years industry experience can fall victim to them.

Bernie also spoke about the Government’s MoneySmart website, which provides independent information helping you to better understand your finances and the types of scams out there.

In the near future Bernie will be back in Canberra for more of these seminars, and I encourage everyone to come along. In the meantime, check out the MoneySmart website for the latest information: