Standing up for Canberra

Christmas Message

About a month ago, I was shopping at Fyshwick Markets and was approached by a woman who said “I want to thank you for helping me get a house. Since I got that house, my whole life has turned around.”

As I reflect on 2012, it’s experiences like these that stand out. Because the best part of my job is improving the lives of Canberrans, in sometimes visible, but mostly quiet ways. Over this year, I’ve helped community groups get funding and Canberrans get financial support and housing, roads and footpaths fixed and answers to questions.

I’ve advocated on issues important to Canberrans, like public service jobs, small business, planning and community consultation. And I’ve empowered Canberrans through community forums, financial literacy seminars and School Legends. It’s been humbling to be told I inspired someone to set up a small business and boosted a child’s self esteem with a Little Legend award.

My team – Eva, Julie, Simon, Jim – and I have enjoyed helping you in 2012, and look forward to working for you in 2013.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Centenary Year. I hope you take time out with your family and friends so you enter next year relaxed, refreshed and ready to party. And remember – Southside Rocks!


Canberra Chronicle, December 2012