Standing up for Canberra

Canberra's internet black holes left off NBN map

The three-year rollout plan for Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate version of the NBN released today fails to include the Canberra suburbs that have the poorest broadband internet rating in the country.

The vast majority of Tuggeranong – including suburbs like Monash and Theodore, which have the lowest rating in the country for both availability and quality of broadband – is not even on the rollout map.

“People living in Canberra’s south have again been let down by this Liberal Government,” Ms Brodtmann said.

“The lack of internet access is impeding the ability of Canberrans to maximise opportunities and realise their potential in small business, education and civil society.

“Canberrans are extremely frustrated by the rate at which this second rate version of the NBN is rolling out – and I’ve been campaigning to have our rollout prioritised.

“Please sign my petition to send a strong message to the Liberal Government that we want the NBN and we want it now.”

Around the rest of the country, half a million homes and business with terrible internet access will be left waiting for the NBN at the end of 2018.

Under Labor, every home in the ACT would have had access to a world-class fibre-to-the-premises version of the NBN.

Malcolm Turnbull promised his second rate NBN would be built for $29.5 billion—that cost has almost doubled to $56 billion.

He promised that his second rate NBN would be rolled out to all homes and businesses by the end of 2016—that’s now more than doubled to seven years.

This is just another broken promise from a Liberal Government that has no vision for this country.