Standing up for Canberra

Canberra Community under threat from Abbott’s axe

It’s been an interesting week in Canberra with Tony Abbott ramping up his attack on Canberra public servants, just ahead of Canberra Day.

Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann said Mr Abbott’s promise to “audit” the public service harks back to 1996 when John Howard cut 30,000 public service jobs.

“The public service in Canberra is being targeted by Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and the Coalition because they have no other ideas about how to manage the economy,” said Ms Brodtmann.

“We already know the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency is on the chopping block, and now the Department of Health and Ageing is under threat too.

“The Liberal’s plan for our economy is to send Canberra back to 1996 when we went into recession, while the rest of Australia was growing.

“This is their plan for Canberra – happy Canberra Day everyone.”

International Women’s Day

Ms Brodtmann said the week wasn’t all doom and gloom though, with International Women’s Day proving how much women have achieved.

“International Women’s Day was a great day to reflect on our achievements, but also realise we have a long way to go, particularly to advance the rights of women in developing countries.

“I also met one remarkable woman from the electorate – Valerie Reid – who paved the way many years ago for women in Canberra who wanted to run their own business.

“Valerie has a real fighting spirit, and it was great to spend time with her on International Women’s Day,” said Ms Brodtmann.

School visits

Ms Brodtmann visited a number of schools during the week, including Canberra Grammar School with Minister for the Status of Women, Julie Collins, and Arawang Primary School.

“Both these visits were to discuss some very important issues.

“At Canberra Grammar School Minister Collins and I gave a presentation about a Gillard Government initiative called The Line. This campaign is all about developing respectful relationships with one another and helping students understand what’s ok and what’s not.

“Arawang Primary School invited me to their Year Six Leadership Assembly, where I was able to present them with a replica despatch box full of all the stuff you need for a successful session of Parliament.

“The Year Six students already look like leaders, and I know they will have many robust debates in their own school parliament,” said Ms Brodtmann.