Standing up for Canberra

Budget cuts to DSP

This morning I joined the Leader of the Opposition at Griffith shops to meet a constituent of mine, Jacqui, and her son Zac. Jacqui is a single mother and former public servant. Five years ago she was diagnosed with MS. As a result, Jacqui suffers mobility issues and finds it difficult to leave the house without the support of Zac. Try as she may Jacqui has been unable to find a job that she can do entirely from home and so she is unable to work.

Jacqui, like thousands of other Australians, lives on the income of her disability support pension and receives a family tax benefit. Jacqui is terrified about what tonight's budget will mean for her. The Prime Minister promised no changes to DSP, yet tonight, we know, it will change. The Prime Minister promised to ease costof-living pressures, yet tonight we know that petrol prices will go up and new taxes will be introduced. Jacqui is terrified about how she will afford her ongoing health costs now that she will have to pay a GP co-payment, even though the Prime Minister promised no cuts to health. Jacqui is also concerned about her son's education. The Prime Minister promised he was on a unity ticket with Labor when it came to education, but tonight we know that Gonski will be no more.

Tonight we will see a budget of broken promises, a budget that is going to hurt those Australians and those Canberrans who can least afford it—like Jacqui.

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