More Appalling Broadband Speeds from Canberrans

The Brodtmann Bulletin hit the streets this week. It highlights the appalling news that Canberrans have been sending me over the last two years on their internet speeds. We are talking about less than one megabit per second across so many parts of Canberra, particularly the south-east area of Tuggeranong—this, in the nation's capital; this, in 2017.



In response to this fabulous campaign, I have been inundated with more speeds from Canberrans. Pat in Fyshwick advised 3.39 megabits per second download and 0.87 megabits per second upload. Lee and Joe in Calwell advised 0.13 megabits per second download and 0.26 megabits per second upload.

It is absolutely appalling that Canberrans are dealing with these absolutely appalling speeds in 2017, in the nation's capital. It is impeding their ability to take part in educational opportunities. It is impeding their ability to take part in business opportunities. Many of them cannot work from home. They have to hire office space or even go down to cafes. That is not just for the APVMA staff. Canberra, keep sending me your speeds. Send a message to the Turnbull government.

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