Barnaby pigheaded on APVMA porkbarrelling

Barnaby Joyce is contracting out a new APVMA office space before Cabinet decides whether the office is even moving.

Having spent a quarter of a million dollars on a cost-benefit analysis only to ignore it when he didn’t like its result, Joyce now seems determined to proceed with the move regardless of what his Cabinet colleagues decide.

The Deputy Prime Minister is determined to waste $24 million of taxpayer’s money on a vanity project universally considered a bad idea.

The relocation is opposed by every industry group in the sector, nearly 90 per cent of APVMA staff, the ACT Government, the Coalition’s own cost-benefit analysis, the Liberal Senator for the ACT and even the Prime Minister.

The only person in favour of the relocation is Barnaby Joyce.

And as demonstrated by refusing to release the results of the cost-benefit analysis of the proposal, he is willing to throw away basic principles of transparency, oversight and accountability to get what he wants.

The Turnbull Coalition Government wants to disrupt the lives of hundreds of Canberra families, at great cost to both the staff and the sector.

What it doesn’t want to do is reveal how great that cost will be.

If the Prime Minister fails to intervene and scrap his Deputy’s expensive, misguided porkbarrelling exercise, he will be confirming to the Australian public what is increasingly clear: he may be Prime Minister, but he is no leader.


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