Backdown on Legal Centre Cuts a Win for the Community

Today, after years of campaigning by Labor, women’s groups, lawyers and the Canberra community, the Turnbull Government has reversed its cuts to Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services.

Now, services like the Women’s Legal Centre ACT, won’t be losing a third of their core funding on 1 July.

The Women’s Legal Centre ACT and services like it look after some of the most vulnerable people in Canberra and provide one of our most fundamental human rights – access to justice, regardless of means.

They provide a frontline in the battle against domestic violence and assist Canberrans with problems as diverse as Centrelink debt, tenancy disputes and employment issues.

Today’s news is a victory for the hundreds of Canberrans who joined with Labor to fight to protect community legal services - groups like Soroptimists International that gathered 100 signatures opposing the cuts at its International Women’s Day breakfast.

Thank you Canberra.



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