Standing up for Canberra

Backdown on ADF pay welcomed

Federal Labor has today welcomed the Prime Minister finally backing down on his decision to cut the pay of Australian Defence Force personnel.

Labor holds Australia’s Defence Force personnel and their families in the highest regard, and we have consistently called for the Government to back down its ADF pay-cut from the instant it was announced.
Today’s decision, however, has only been taken to shore up the Prime Minister’s leadership. Indeed as recently as December last year the Prime Minister said he was “determined to stick with the 1.5 per cent pay arrangements.” (Press Conference – 1 December 2014)
This is a fight that our ADF personnel should not have needed to have. Our ADF should not have to fight its own government for decent pay and conditions.
Make no mistake, the Prime Minister’s disgraceful decision to cut the pay of ADF personnel should never have been made in the first place. It showed disrespect towards our servicemen and women and their families and didn’t properly recognise the unique nature of military service. Our armed forces and their loved ones have enough to worry about without the additional pressure of a Government which committed to cutting their pay.
Labor, the RSL, Defence Force Welfare Organisation, and other Ex-Service Organisations have all pressured the Prime Minister over his unfair ADF pay deal.
Labor will continue to stand up for the pay and conditions of Australia’s Defence Force personnel and will continue to call on the Government to ensure that the level of pay offered does not result in a real pay cut for our servicemen and women