Standing up for Canberra

Australian Defence Force Culture 2012

I am a strong supporter of the ADF. I am a strong advocate of the ADF. I have the greatest admiration and respect for our serving men and women. I worked in Defence for 10 years. I have been to Afghanistan. I am on the Defence Subcommittee. That is why last night's report on 7.30 was deeply disturbing and deplorable.

The misogyny and racism of the featured Facebook site was, quite frankly, disgraceful, particularly in the week before International Women's Day. I therefore commend the actions taken by the Chief of Army.

The secretary, the CDF and the minister have zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour, including inappropriate use of social media. All members of defence must meet modern-day community standards and expectations. In April last year the minister announced a range of comprehensive reviews into aspects of the culture within the ADF to address growing concern in relation to appropriate ADF conduct. One of these reviews was the use of social media within defence.

The impact of social media has created new challenges for the ADF and the Defence organisation. The release of these reports and the government's response are expected in the very near future. I commend the government's action on these reviews and look forward to them being released later in the year.

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