The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority relocation is a shameless and blatant pork barrel.

The APVMA relocation:

  • Is all cost and no benefit according to the Prime Minister’s own $272,000 Cost Benefit Analysis.
  • Will cost the jobs of the 85 per cent of staff who refuse to leave Canberra – expertise that will take years to replace and add years to the approval timeframes of new chemicals and animal medicines.
  • Will cost the Canberra economy $157 million dollars a year and rip out 365 jobs.
  • Will cost Australian taxpayers more than $25 million.
  • Will cost the APVMA and agriculture sector through the devastating loss of expertise.

The APVMA’s staff and their families, Australia’s agriculture sector and the Canberra community will all pay the price – all because the Deputy Prime Minister needed to sure up his votes in the election.

It’s a disgrace the Turnbull Cabinet approved this absurd proposal in the first place.

Sign the petition to demand that the Prime Minister reverse the relocation decision.


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