Standing up for Canberra

APS job losses ideological and short-sighted

Federal Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann is extremely concerned about the Abbott Government’s continuing attack on the Australian Public Service, after the bureaucracy shrank by almost 11,000 staff last year alone.

This outrageous loss of skilled workers represents the steepest downturn in APS jobs since John Howard’s first term as Prime Minister.

“The Abbott Government’s deep cuts to the public service have meant it has achieved its job loss targets earlier than planned,” Ms Brodtmann said.

“This is not something the Employment Minister should be proud of. In fact, Coalition governments have a shameful track record when it comes to the public service.

“We saw the devastating effect that public sector job cuts had on this town in 1996. House prices plummeted, businesses closed down, bankruptcies went up and people left town.

“Is that the future this government wants for the ACT?

“The Abbott Government has complete contempt for the public service and Canberra.

“It continues to undervalue the important role that public servants, the servants of democracy, play in supporting our country.

“Harsh public sector job cuts are short-sighted and lead to a reduction in critical front-line services.

“The damage done by the Abbott Government will take a decade or more to fix. You can't put the public service back together overnight.”

Labor will continue to stand against these attacks on the local economy, jobs and our community.