Apart From a Letter, Still No Action on Cyber Security

It's been six months and two weeks since the release of the Turnbull Government's Cyber Security Strategy

Despite being warned malicious actors could develop the means for a serious cyber-attack on Australia within the life of this Parliament, what has the Turnbull Government done?

They haven’t appointed a Cyber Ambassador.

They haven’t spent the $2.7 million they allocated for this position in the 2016-17 Budget.

They haven’t relocated the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

They haven’t published the international engagement strategy.

They haven’t established the Joint Cyber Threat Sharing Centres.

Instead, the Minister Assisting announced he will write a letter to Cabinet Ministers asking them to get their government agency heads to take "cyber security very seriously."

In 2013, the Australian National Audit Office reviewed seven government agencies and found “the selected agencies had not yet achieved full compliance with the top four mitigation strategies mandated by the Australian Government in 2013.”

Government agencies were also reminded of this shortfall six months ago in the Turnbull Government's own strategy.

How can we expect our government agency heads to take cyber security “very seriously” when the Turnbull Government spends 18 months developing a strategy and six months and two weeks ignoring it.

The true test of the Turnbull Government’s commitment to cyber security was never going to be in the design of the Cyber Security Strategy, but in the implementation.

It’s spent six months and two weeks failing that test.


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